Battery Production

Sector Group Battery Production
The VDMA sector group is the point of contact for all questions relating to machines and components for the battery production. The member companies of the sector group supply machines, plants, machine components, tools and services for the entire process chain of battery production: From raw material preparation, electrode production and cell assembly to module and packaging production. The current focus of VDMA Battery Production is on Li-ion technology. We research technology and market information , organise customer events and roadshows, hold our own events, such as the annual conference, which has established itself as an important industry meeting and are in dialogue with research and science on current topics and on joint industrial research.

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Micro Technologies

Sector Group Micro Technologies
Miniaturisation is an established success strategy. It saves energy, resources and space and makes many modern products feasible in the first place. Be it a camery in a mobile phone, an airbag sensor or a micro pump for insuline dosage – the manufacturing of many products is impossible without the employment of micro technologies and with an increasing rate also nano technologies. It is used in various disciplines, such as micro mechanics, micro optics, micro fluidics, micro acoustics, micro assembly, micro vents or micro pumps. New ways of solving problems, optimised process flows and a ever increasing precision in production: our 50 member companies drive innovative products and production.
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Photovoltaic Equipment

Sector Group Photovoltaic Equipment
Solar energy has established itself as the most cost-effective renewable energy for generating CO2-free electricity. Whether with crystalline silicon technology or in thin-film technology, the latest and most efficient system technology for the production of solar modules mostly comes from Germany. Machines and plants for the complete production chain, starting with wafer production, through cell production and module production in the various technologies, are part of the photovoltaic equipment. More efficient cell structures, fully automated smart production factories with sustainable production, our members drive the innovation of products and production.

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Sector Group Productronics
From highly specialised controllers in a car to tablet PCs for the mass market: electronics production equipment enables high-tech for everyone. "Productronic" is a commonly used term for these machines, equipment, materials and components for the production of electronics of all kind - computer chips with feature sizes down to 20 nanometers and highly integrated electronic assemblies as well as photovoltaics, displays, data storage and batteries.Thanks to the electronics machinery industry ever rising levels of quality can be reached with decreasing costs at the same time. Our 75 member companies are part of this innovative, global industry.
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OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association)
OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association), is the leading international industry association for the emerging technology of organic and printed electronics. Representing the entire value chain, OE-A provides a unique platform for local and international cooperation between companies and research institutes.
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